About Us

Marin Hardscape Contruction Inc. is a local family owed construction company, founded in 2007 by Udson Rodrigues, CEO/President since 2007. Udson Rodrigues, at 19 years old, he moved to Marin County in 1993, where he started working in the construction trades for various contractors learning an array of skills in General Building Construction.

In the early 2000’s he discovered that what he loved the most was working for himself and dealing directly with customers, bringing down the cost of materials and eliminating
the middleman costs.

At Marin Hardscape Construction Inc. we are proud to say we have done more than 1000’s of square feet of excellent work done exclusively by us, and most importanttly we will NOT subs your job to another contractor. We are also proud to say that we handle all aspects of your construction needs, we do all the work ourselves, since we own all of our equipment.

Our main goals are:

  • Customer Satisfaction – Our #1 Priority!
  • To help our customers go through the projects design, scope of work and scheduling with our clients to make sure the job can be done in a timely manner and the best way possible.
  • To get the higher quality material for the best prices

At Marin Hardscape we’ll make sure you get what you deserve for your home, the best.